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2015 (12th) International Oils and Fats Chemical Conference

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SHANGHAI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--At present, the global economy will continue its low-level imbalance. The Chinese economy has also entered a new normal of shifting the growth momentum and changing the development mode. The traditional comparative advantage of high-speed growth is declining. The external unfavorable conditions still weaken the high-speed growth expectation in the next two years. China's economic growth is still very severe in the next two years, and economic growth. Or it will enter a growth orbit that will stabilize or will decline slightly. In such an economic development environment, how will the oil industry move forward and develop?

In 2014, the international crude oil price fluctuated and fell. At the beginning of 2015, the crude oil price was even lower than the new one, and the palm oil price was under pressure. The overcapacity of the downstream fatty alcohol industry, how do fatty alcohol companies seek a balance between supply and demand? Does the surfactant usher in a new era of industry? At the same time, crude oil prices have caused a strong impact on biodiesel plants. How should glycerin refining companies face the increasingly tight crude glycerin market? Can crude glycerin prices reach new heights?

In such an environment, where will the oleochemical industry go?

Under the background of this market, E-Trade will hold the “2015 (12th) International Oil and Fat Chemical Conference” in Xiamen, China from July 8th to 9th.

At that time, more than 200 biodiesel factories, palm oil suppliers, fatty acid enterprises, fatty alcohol companies, glycerin traders, surfactant companies, daily chemical companies, auxiliary companies, futures companies, industry associations, etc. will be invited to discuss the following Hot topics:

· Economic development is still slow, how to deal with China's oil industry chain

·Industrial overcapacity, how to seek development in the balance of supply and demand

· Palm oil prices are weak, how acid/alcohol companies are moving low

·Cold oil fell, Southeast Asia biodiesel plant can re-emerge

· The supply of crude glycerin is tight, and the price of glycerin can be turned around with great momentum.

·Supply of acid/alcohol, how to develop high value-added industrial use

·Live the development of a hundred flowers, who can stand alone

· The terminal market demand is changing,

How to grasp the trend of consumption and promote production

1. A new outlook for China's economy under the global economic downturn

2. Asian oil industry safety investment and capacity balance

3. Industrial chain extension from the perspective of plantation

4. Supply and demand analysis and pattern overview of global oil and fat products

5. Biodiesel: Struggling to survive 6. Asian fatty alcohol and downstream market supply and demand

7. Asian fatty acid glycerol market price curve

8. How will the fatty amine market continue to develop?

9. Summary of the development of China's fatty alcohol market

10. How does the surfactant industry ushered in a new development in a stable development?

11. Palmitic acid, lauric acid, myristic acid and oleic acid related

12. Will the ever-changing daily chemical terminal market bring new weather to surfactant procurement?

13. Can the lonely Southeast Asian crude glycerin be reborn?

14. Can Brazilian crude glycerin supply dominate in 2015?

15. Ups and downs, how will China's glycerin market follow up?

16. Can domestic biodiesel plants become a new source of crude glycerin supply?

17. Glycerin VS propylene = epichlorohydrin, who is the main ups and downs?